#theJustMarriedJacketNYC Bride #2: MariLauren and Rob

MariLauren and her beau had the most intimate wedding at the posh Nomo Soho Penthouse - attended by just their Frenchie and their 3 vendors. The couple had planned for a more elaborate wedding celebration in the backyard of their home together later in the year (with even more stunning details!) but opted for a civil ceremony with just the two of them in March to make things official! MariLauren’s advice to future bride rings so clear and wise and is also what I would recommend to my friends and brides as well!

Date: March 18

Location(s): Nomo Soho Penthouse

List of vendors and URLs: It was a DIY civil wedding. I only had three vendors!

Makeup - @irenomakeup

Officiant- Suanne with @Officiantnyc

Photographer: @Jaymartinez21-photo

Videography: @Sgpsociety-video

Describe your wedding day in 3 words.

Love, emotional, unique

Describe your wedding day in more detail: It was the perfect day for us. Very relaxed, very intimate, very stress free! 

Tell us about something your wedding just HAD TO have:

A view of the city!! We were born and raised in NYC and were getting ready to embark on a new journey. We were getting ready to move out of the city and to our new home in CT, we wanted to be in one of our favorite places in the city, Soho. 

Tell us about something you could have done without or wasn’t necessary in the end:

I could have done without the wind! lol So windy that day and I had always envisioned the ceremony outside on that balcony but we had to bring it inside and it worked, it was actually very beautiful. 360 degree view of the city. I was a happy girl, it was sunny and a beautiful day otherwise. I could not complain. We got great shots outside before the sunset. My veil was not necessary, I could have done without it as well.

Tell us about your bridal style. Modern, Minimalistic

What's your advice for future brides? When i first started planning I was using everyone I’ve ever known who had gotten married before me as a reference point, a guide. All the traditions, the supposed do’s and don’t. All the things I thought I was supposed to do or the sequence I was supposed to follow and then I did more research and self discovery and realized we could get married however the f... we want. It’s our love. It’s our life. It’s our wedding. I wanted to do it differently. How it felt right to us. So my advice is ...there are no rules to this. I had my civil wedding in a penthouse in soho with an incredible view, our immediate family and our french bulldog and it was perfection. We will be having a somewhat more traditional wedding in a few months in our backyard with family and friends and my pretty dress that I got when I first started planning but chose not wear for civil ceremony. I'm excited! The Adventure continues! Do whatever makes you happy and don't worry about what anyone will say or think!