After your initial inquiry, we will have a consultation call to discuss your design, vision and budget. It will give us a chance to see if our styles vibe so that we can make sure we'll have a productive and fruitful design process. We will review your wedding timeline to ensure there is adequate time to design and produce your suite. After this consultation, a proposal will be sent to you, taking into account your paper needs. 


Once the proposal is accepted, we move on to the design phase. We will discuss your inspiration (hello, Pinterest) and consider the different designs and motifs that are meaningful to you. Rough sketches will be provided for you to peruse. Once a sketch is accepted, your design will be created in a full mock-up. Proofing will be completed with two rounds of revisions included in this stage. 


Once your final proof is signed off on, we move on to the production phase of your process. Your files get sent off to the printer (allow 2-4 weeks at the printer, depending on the process chosen.) Once your suite comes back, we will check and assemble. Wax seals? Belly Bands? We'll do it all for you. Note: We will not drop ship your invitations - once assembled, they will be shipped to you for distribution to your guests.